« A special moment offered to your body! »

A massage may have different effects depending on the used technique and the targeted body part.The scents of the oils and the general atmosphere in which the massage takes place also have effects that can enhance the feeling of relaxation.

Nota Bene :

The massages offered are well-being and physical relaxation massages for non-therapeutic and non-sensual purposes.

They do not replace medical treatment or medical monitoring.

These are traditional practices aiming to relieve and relax the body and mind …

Caution :

There are cases where massage is to be proscribed ! Please refer to the page detailing them : Massages Contraindications.

« One of the flagship spa treatments! »

A body wrap is like a face mask but for your body, unfortunately too often neglected. Wraps will offer it a significant relaxing effect.

Just like face masks, there are several types of wraps that will satisfy your skin’s desires.

How does a body wrap work?

A body wrap takes place as follows :

– We apply a paste, composed of moisturizer and essential oils, and various natural elements such as seaweed, tea, cocoa, etc… depending on the products used and the desired effect.
The paste is applied all over the body. You are then wrapped in thin plastic film and covered with a blanket to find yourself in gentle warmth.
In addition to being pleasant and relaxing, the heat will promote vasodilation and the penetration of different components into the body.
– To fully enjoy the benefits of the treatment, you stay for about 20 minutes in a relaxing atmosphere.
– Once the time has elapsed you are directed to the shower to rinse yourself off.
The result is a relaxed, re-mineralized or even invigorated body (depending on the product chosen) and very soft skin.

We will choose the wrap products depending on desired effects.
Each wrap has its own virtue.

For certain desired effects, these wraps can be made in the form of a « cure » for an optimal effect. (for example to fight against cellulite, localized pain or a search for hydration, etc …)