Self massage Pierre Guasha face:

Simply slide the tool across the face while maintaining very light pressure.

Apply a few drops of vegetable oil to clean face then use your tool, always massaging from the inside of the face outwards and from the bottom to the top. This is what will help drain toxins.

Start at the back of the neck and work your way up towards the jaws, cheekbones, eyes and forehead.

We do this on the right side first, with the right hand (very important to make the right movements with the right angle). Then go to the other side!

Self massage with the roller:

Apply a small amount of serum, moisturizer or vegetable oil (of your choice) to your previously cleansed face.

Massage your entire face by rolling the largest part (large stone) of the roller, always starting from the inside out to stimulate lymphatic drainage.

Start at the neck, jawline, then move up to the cheekbones and forehead to the scalp.

Use the small part (small stone) with firm but delicate pressure on the chin, around the mouth and under the eyes to eliminate dark circles and bags.

Advice :
For a decongestant and energizing effect on the skin, place your Gua Sha and your roller in your refrigerator before using them.

Always clean and disinfect your accessories before and after use.