“Vibration Bath” Bath & Foot Massage


35 € TTC

In this session you will benefit from a rejuvenating 20-minute vibratory foot bath and a 20-minute energetic leg massage to restore calm and clarity of mind.

“A pleasant way to feel aligned and invigorated”

A rejuvenating treatment that will act as much on your body, your mind as on your energy! Indeed, during this session the bath is designed to relax you physically, soothe your various discomforts, purify you and give you good energy and thus regain a feeling of lightness and inner calm.

The Vibratory Bath is a great solution to take care of yourself on several levels. It is indeed effective on your tired legs, to invigorate your feet and skin, but also very beneficial on the energetic aspect of your body: it promotes anchoring and purification of “external energetic pollution”

Relax your feet in this creamy bath with anti-stress and purifying essential oils, let yourself be surprised by the power of Salt and escape with the beautiful scents of Jasmine and Coconut...

The bath is followed by an energetic massage of the feet and legs to continue the depollution work in order to revitalize you and relax all your muscles .

Please note, the treatments offered are absolutely not for erotic or sensual purposes!

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