Boulado Feeler


31,90 € TTC 33 € TTC
Massage instrument for:
  • Relieve joint and muscle pain
  • Allows you to massage important areas of the body: Back, stomach and legs.

Dimensions: 15 cm

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Boulados are massage instruments made from untreated hornbeam wood from forests managed by the ONF.

These are high quality products, patented and made in France.

The Boulado Palpeur is ideal for the body, it relieves joint and muscle pain.

It is also an excellent slimming ally and contributes to better circulation.

This patented system awakens and maintains lymph circulation and thus promotes the elimination of metabolic waste.

The Body Feeler is equipped with two large balls of identical diameter which allow you to massage all important parts of the body such as the back or stomach and is particularly well suited to massaging the legs.

The Feeler is equipped with an ergonomic handle suitable for intensive massage, making it a good professional slimming tool.

Its ergonomic handle gives it comfort of use, allowing it to alternate pressure and traction effortlessly and allowing intensive use without fatigue.

Product dimension 15 cm

- Place the Boulado straight on the area to be massaged
- Tilt it at 45°
- Pull up like a razor.

Tip: By changing the tilt angle, you will increase or decrease the palpated effect. No need to go to the point of pain, the draining palpation is effective with a pleasant sensation.

Apply Boulado to the area to be treated for 1 to 2 minutes.

Used in particular for important areas and hard muscles. (Back, Legs, Stomach,..)

You can use it alone or combine it with a cream or oil. In this case, first apply the Boulado alone for a warming action that opens the pores, then apply your cream and then resume the Boulado.

For cleaning and maintenance

You can use a scrubbing sponge, accompanied by a few drops of essential oils. Remember to oil the natural wood from time to time with massage oil or cooking oil.