Cocoa Body Scrub


25 € TTC

A gentle scrub with cocoa bean shells containing caffeine which will tone the tissues, refine the skin's texture and eliminate impurities.

Fresh and delicious skin!

• Strong hydrating power
• Firms the skin
• Promotes circulation
• Soothing and relaxing effect
• Hydrates and softens the skin

Indeed, cocoa has multiple virtues for the skin, it is also a powerful anti-oxidant , rich in vitamins B and E , also in magnesium, potassium, iron and trace elements which are beneficial to the skin.

Tip + Find this treatment in the “Tout Choco” Ritual associated with a wrap and a massage.

Session e-cards to offer, to share or simply for you.
Valid for 6 months at Les Fées Bien-Être in Rochegude

Please note, the treatments offered are absolutely not for erotic or sensual purposes!

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