"GuaSha" Anti-tension massage with GuaSha


45 € TTC

An energy treatment which consists of gently stimulating the points located along the meridians to optimize the circulation of blood and energy thanks to a technique of rubbing the skin using a flat stone, it allows to provide deep relaxation for the body.

Origin of Guasha: GuaSha, from traditional Chinese medicine, is an energy treatment and an ancestral massage method, in Chinese GuaSha means “scratch” (gua) “fever” or “illness” – (sha).

Sha can also refer to the reddish-colored rash appearing on areas after "scratching."

“An experience of lightness like never before”

Body Guasha massage is used to relieve many disorders. It stimulates the immune system and activates blood and lymphatic circulation. Its action helps eliminate toxins, soothe and reduce states of fatigue, it can relieve deep muscle tensions which will lead to better mobility and better recovery for athletes for example.

Contraindication for people who take anticoagulants or who have circulatory coagulation disorders, otherwise the use of Guasha is safe.
It is not a painful session but the procedure can change the appearance of your skin because the act of "rubbing" can cause small blood vessels on the surface of the skin to heat up. The redness disappears quickly.


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