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NAME Firstname : GRANIER Sarah
Institute address : 10 Grande Rue
Phone Number :
SIRET Number : 807 554 977 00015

Hosting Conditions :

Host : Archive-Host
Company name : Archive-Host
Address : 36 rue Jeannin
21000 Dijon
Phone Number : 03 73 27 08 29
Hours: From Monday to Saturday : 9h-18h30

General Service Conditions :

Ours prestations can be provided to any adult or any child accompanied by a legal parent and with written permission.

Customers will go through a preliminary interview to complete a general health form in order to prevent any contraindicated situation, discomfort (personalization of care – children, senior citizens, sensitive skin, etc.), or allergies.

In all cases, to benefit from our services, it is essential not to be in one of the cases mentionned on the absolute contraindication for a massage page.

In no case can our services replace a medical advice or monitoring, or any therapeutic treatment.

Nota Bene: The proposed massages are well-being and physical relaxation massages, for non-therapeutic and non-sensual purposes. The client will not be allowed to behave tendentious, or deliberately outrageous, under penalty of seeing the session suspended immediately.

Clients must arrive in a decent state of hygiene, otherwise their appointment will be postponed or canceled.
A shower is available only for people who have benefited from treatments such as scrubs or wraps that require rinsing, or who feel the need at the end of a session.
Conveniences are also available at the institute.

Any treatment started is due, this being said, treatments can be canceled if necessary – please notify us as soon as possible – or postponed to the extent of remaining availability.

The accepted payment methods are checks and cash. We cannot accept ‘holiday vouchers’ or credit cards. Thank you for your understanding.

In the event of a contrariety following a treatment, you can request an appointment to adjust the form so that we can jointly study the solutions to be provided during future sessions.

Contact :

I keep the emails I receive. Note, however, that none of the related data (name, email, phone, content) is used other than as follows:
– This information helps me to know who is addressing me, which email address to reply to, and what is the reason for their contact.
– This information will eventually be archived in my professional file in order to be able to answer you in a personalized way if necessary.
– If you become a customer, your Name (or Company Name) and your email address, as well as your telephone number if you have provided it to me, will be saved in my contact directory.
No other use is, or will be, made of this informations.
In accordance with legal exemptions, this site is not the subject of a declaration to the CNIL. However, under the data protection laws, you can ask to consult / correct / delete the information concerning you. For that, please contact me by email and grant me a reasonable response time.

Responsibility in case of problems with the website:

The present website aims to present my work. It also gives you the possibility to contact me via a form.

Links to eventual other sites are checked before posting. These are never xenophobic, homophobic, pornographic, pedophile or other. Everything was checked by me BEFORE uploading and everything was in accordance with the legislation in force.
If you have a problem with a link (the content of which may have been modified and therefore is no longer conforms or safe), please report the problem to me as soon as possible so I can remove quickly the concerned link.
In no way can I be held responsible for errors and technical problems encountered on this website, as well as on all other websites to which I may have established links, nor for any interpretation of the information published on these sites, as well as the consequences of their use.

Additionnal Legal Notice & Term of use :

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