How to use the roller?

We recommend using it daily on a clean face once a day for 2 minutes or at least 3 times a week for 5 minutes for optimal results.

This is how Asian women use the roller in their skincare ritual.

Self massage with the roller:
Apply a small amount of serum, moisturizer or vegetable oil (of your choice) to your previously cleansed face.
Massage your entire face by rolling the largest part (large stone) of the roller, always starting from the inside out to stimulate lymphatic drainage.
Start at the neck, jawline, then move up to the cheekbones and forehead to the scalp.

Use the small part (small stone) with firm but delicate pressure on the chin, around the mouth and under the eyes to eliminate dark circles and bags.

Self massage with Guasha stone:
Its shape allows it to be used on both the face and the body.

How to use it ?
1. With the wide side, you can "smooth" with movements from the inside to the outside the cheeks to smooth the cheekbones towards the temples. Then massage the neck from top to bottom.
2. With the thinner corner, smooth from the outer corner of the eye to the hairline to smooth out crow's feet.
3. With the wide tip, massage the forehead from the center outwards.

You can also use it on the body to relax muscular tension, for example the shoulders/arms or thighs or feet. (respect the direction of lymphatic drainage towards the heart) Make 5 to 10 passes over the area concerned.
Indeed, the "scratching" and the natural cold of the stone improves blood circulation, which stimulates lymphatic drainage (evacuation of toxins) and the flow of oxygen.