“Relaxing Bath” Bath & Foot Massage


35 € TTC

In this session you will benefit from a relaxing 20-minute foot bath and a 20-minute leg massage for memorable relaxation.

“A great way to calm your mind”

A simple and original way to relax your whole body: The Relaxing Bath ! An excellent way to soothe your mind, fill up on good smells, and above all relieve your legs and feet which carry you through the day...

Do you only dream of one thing in the evening: taking off your shoes and relaxing? This Relaxing Bath will bring you all the comfort you need!

Rest your feet in this warm bath with relaxing essential oils, citrus peel and Epsom salt... you will then benefit from magnesium and other minerals effective against stress , to soothe inflammation and relieve muscle pain.

The bath is followed by a foot and leg massage to continue to activate blood circulation and relax all your muscles .

Please note, the treatments offered are absolutely not for erotic or sensual purposes!

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