Boulado Face


18,90 € TTC 20 € TTC
Massage instrument:
  • For the face (drains toxins: reduces puffiness and wrinkles)
  • Also suitable for massaging fingers or wrists. (relieves pain)

Dimensions: 6.6cm

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Boulados are massage instruments made from untreated hornbeam wood from forests managed by the ONF.

These are high quality products, patented and made in France.

Boulado Visage is ideal for the eye contour, facial features and neck, it reduces fine lines and erases bags. Also very suitable for massaging the fingers.

Product dimension 6.6cm

It allows you to palpate, pull and drain the eye contour and face.

Tip: you can also use it for your fingers.

This patented system awakens and maintains lymph circulation and thus promotes the elimination of metabolic waste.