“Harmonia” Massage & Energy


75 € TTC

This particular treatment combines massage techniques with energy techniques , the massage will be adapted to your needs and carried out according to the feelings of the Fairies.

A subtle combination of benefits adapted to you...

It will be associated with passes of magnetism and the light energy specific to your vibration, to finish with a cleaning and harmonization of the chakras according to the origin of the "blockages" present in you.

Take into account the whole dimension of your Being...

These two techniques are really complementary!
The state of relaxation and letting go induced by the massage allows you to be more able to receive the benefits and harmonization of energy treatment.

This 1h15 session can, for example, help you relieve physical pain, work on the origin of a recurring problem, soothe certain emotions, recharge you with positive energies with a boost of vitality .

This is not a substitute for medical treatment, you will always be encouraged to see your GP and follow their advice.

Session e-cards to offer, to share or simply for you.
Valid for 6 months at Les Fées Bien-Être in Rochegude

Please note, the treatments offered are absolutely not for erotic or sensual purposes!