“Mana” Personalized Full Body Massage


45 € TTC

Experience a massage where the tensions in your body are freely expressed, where each gesture is adapted.

"A unique experience"

This massage is a massage that comes from the Heart , where the practitioner listens to the body and its needs. It is not a “classic” treatment with an “imposed protocol”. The intuitive side of this massage allows you to feel the moments when you will use more strength, more firmness, but also softness, or the use of this or that technique to help with overall relaxation .

Result: An awareness of your body , physical and psychological relaxation, a strong feeling of well-being because it is YOUR massage .

Mana massage has many benefits for your physical and mental health .

Here are some of the benefits you can get from it:

  • It helps you “ reduce stress ” and “ improve your mood ”. The Mana massage promotes the release of endorphins, the feel-good hormones, which give you a feeling of relaxation and happiness.
  • It allows you to “relieve muscle” and “ jointpain . The Mana massage stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, which facilitates the elimination of toxins and metabolic waste. It loosens knots and tensions that can cause pain and stiffness.
  • It gives you “ better sleep ”. The Mana massage helps you relax deeply, which promotes falling asleep and quality sleep. Good sleep is essential for the regeneration of your body and for your vitality.
  • It brings you “ energetic balance ”. Mana massage acts on the meridians and acupuncture points, which are the channels for the circulation of vital energy in your body. It restores harmony between yin and yang, the two complementary forces that govern your health.
  • It invites you to a “ connection with yourself ”. The Mana massage is a special moment where you can listen to your body, your sensations, your emotions and your needs. It allows you to become aware of your being as a whole and strengthen your self-esteem.

The Mana massage is therefore a complete treatment that brings you well-being at all levels. Don't hesitate to test it and take full advantage of it.

(This Mana massage also exists with an energetic dimension with the Harmonia treatment.)

Session e-cards to offer, to share or simply for you.
Valid for 6 months at Les Fées Bien-Être in Rochegude

Please note, the treatments offered are absolutely not for erotic or sensual purposes!

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