“Serenity” ritual


90 € TTC

A 1h30 session in which you will fully benefit from the benefits of tea and for this we offer you a scrub and a green tea wrap with a personalized massage

“A treatment that will bring you true serenity”

  • Green tea scrub

Sea salt scrub for gentle but effective exfoliation , with delicate notes of Green Tea - Matcha. Find soft, purified and radiant skin

  • Green tea body wrap

Powdered green tea is a powerful detoxifier for the skin and helps restore its radiance. Its antioxidant properties have the effect of oxygenating cells and helping with their renewal.

  • Personalized massage

Relax with this personalized massage, you will have the choice between back and skull or leg and skull at your convenience

E-cards of ritual sessions to offer, to share or simply for you.
Valid for 6 months at Les Fées Bien-Être in Rochegude

Please note, the treatments offered are absolutely not for erotic or sensual purposes!

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