“Ideal” Relaxing Full Body Massage“Ideal” Relaxing Full Body Massage

“Ideal” Relaxing Full Body Massage

From 35 € TTC
Enjoy a relaxing massage with gentle and natural vegetable oils! During thi...
“Deluxe” gift“Deluxe” gift

“Deluxe” gift

From 80 € TTC
Running out of inspiration? You don't know what to choose to "hit the nail on the ...
“Mana” Personalized Full Body Massage“Mana” Personalized Full Body Massage

“Mana” Personalized Full Body Massage

From 45 € TTC
Experience a massage where the tensions in your body are freely expressed, wh...
“Vitality” Energetic Full Body Massage“Vitality” Energetic Full Body Massage

“Vitality” Energetic Full Body Massage

From 45 € TTC
Do you feel tired and have various muscle pains? This massage, much more invi...