“Ideal” Relaxing Full Body Massage“Ideal” Relaxing Full Body Massage

“Ideal” Relaxing Full Body Massage

From 35 € TTC
Enjoy a relaxing massage with gentle vegetable oils and soothing essential oi...
“Mana” Personalized Full Body Massage“Mana” Personalized Full Body Massage

“Mana” Personalized Full Body Massage

From 45 € TTC
Experience a massage where the tensions in your body are freely expressed, wher...
“Deluxe” gift“Deluxe” gift

“Deluxe” gift

From 80 € TTC
Treat yourself by making others happy! Offer a “Deluxe” E-Card and receive an ...
“Vitality” Energetic Full Body Massage“Vitality” Energetic Full Body Massage

“Vitality” Energetic Full Body Massage

From 45 € TTC
Do you feel tired or have various muscle pains? This massage, more invigorating...